…after my first couple visits to LV, I got bored with blackjack and overpriced drinks, and set out on a quest to uncover the ultimate off-the-strip activities and adventures. This website is a working manifesto of my discoveries.


Lake Mead
Located just outside of Vegas, this lake hosts a wide variety of the usual water activities, and is a great way to escape the dessert heat (I recommend kayaking).

Shooting Guns
 I recommend Pro Gun Club, a half hour south of the strip. They let you drive around in golf carts to the different “holes” where you get to shoot automated clay pigeons out of the air. Or you can go to Battlefield and crush a car in a tank… up to you!

Shoot Zombies
Located just off the strip the Zombie Apocalypse Store sells all the tools necessary to be a survivor… better yet, you can put your skills to the test, running around a mock village and shooting “real” zombies with paintball guns.

Red Rocks Canyon National park
Hiking, rock climbing, rock throwing…that kinda stuff. Don’t go in the summer, you will literally melt.

Believe it or not, roughly an hour from the strip is a full ski resort!

Essentially it’s rock climbing, except it’s indoors, and you don’t need ropes. Good fun for all ages, and this facility is one of the best I’ve ever been to.

Hot Air Ballooning
Weather your celebrating a special occasion, trying to impress the opposite sex, or just looking for an adventure… spending the morning cruising above Las Vegas with Kevin is scenic perfection.

Escape Room
Basically, you and a group of strangers get “locked” in a room, and have to find clues and solve problems to get out before time expires. It’s a ton of fun, and there are a few different options in Vegas… let me Google it for you.

At Dig This Las Vegas, you get to drive and operate real construction equipment, an activity that is brought to life by the games that have you play against each other… like tire stacking and racing.

Go Karting
Alright… so this may not sound that unique, but I swear the high speed indoor facility at Pole Position Raceway brings things to the next level.

Indoor Sky Diving
Sorta like outdoor sky diving, except you don’t have to jump out of a plane. Check it.


Food & Drinks

Harry Potter Coffee Shop
From the menu to the decor, Bad Owl Coffee will be a favorite of anyone who appreciates the boy who lived.

A delicious fusion of a farm stand and a food festival, picking your own fruits and veggies at Gilcrease Orchards is a great way to spend a beautiful day in LV.

Farmer’s Market
Live music, great food, and happy people… everything you could ever want, Downtown 3rd Farmer’s Market offers!

Best Ice Cream on Earth
It’s located in an unassuming strip mall, none talks about it, and the window chalk is confusing, but I don’t care…. La Neveria is some of the best ‘cream I’ve ever had.

All-You-Can-Eat Sushi
Looking to stuff your face? Forget the overpriced buffets (Jk… I love Vegas buffets), and go for Gorilla Sushi. For around 20$ you get as much sushi as you want, and they don’t limit you to rice filled rolls! …seriously I’ve never found an AYCE sushi place that is so generous with their portions of fish. Love it.

Dinner in the Sky
This one is exactly what it sounds like… a company that uses a crane to hoist you (and the dinner table) into the sky, before being served a 5 star meal.

Dinner Perfection
A high-end Japanese restaurant–with price tags to match– Raku is one of the best dinner’s I’ve ever had… I don’t know what else to say.

Mexican Eats
Don’t let the fact that they are connected to a strip joint fool you… El Dorado Cantina is the real deal. Flavorful sauces, tons of tequila, but best of all? …The toasted crickets.

Frozen Dessert Perfection
In a heroic feat of ingredient fusion, the geniuses at Snowflake Shavery set out to combine the textural awesomeness of shaved ice with the rich deliciousness of ice cream.


The Gold Spike
Just off of Freemont street, this place has a massive outdoor area that has been crafted to make you feel like your at a backyard house party. Their is garbage-can beer pong, games, live music, and all sorts of other stuff… if you’re a 20 something who isn’t into gambling or strip clubs, this is the place to party.

Downtown Cocktail Room
Located just off Freemont Street, this is where the locals go for for expertly crafted high end cocktails.

Velveteen Rabbit
Incredibly complex and expertly crafted cocktails served up in a non-pretentious atmosphere. The creativity of their rotating menu is unprecedented. My favorite cocktail bar in Las Vegas!

The Common Wealth
This bar is pretty standard, and not really that exciting… The real story is the “speak easy” style bar hidden behind a sliding wall next to the bathrooms. You can only get in by texting the secret number (702 701 1466) and asking if there is any openings in the “Laundry Room.”

Las Vegas Distillery
Awesome people, making awesome booze, with daily tours and tastings. Inconveniently located in Henderson (20mins from the strip), but conveniently located in a rocks throw from a few breweries.


Neon Museum
Ever wonder where all the old signs from the casionoes go to die? Now you know. (Pro tip: take the night tour)

Pine Ball Hall of Fame
This one doesn’t need much explanation…

The Mob Meseum 
The city was basically built on racketeering and extortion carried out by some of the most powerful organized crime families in American history… this place brings the epic story to life.

Erotic Heritage Meseum
This place… well…

En Fuego Cigar & Lounge
Not sure if this cigar shop really counts as an attraction, but they do have a killer selection, comfortable couches, and a guy in the back who you can watch roll the cigars by hand!


The Container Park
Located just off Freemont Street, this is essentially an outdoor mall, constructed of stacked shipping containers. There is a live music venue in the center, a huge play-place for kids, lots of boutique shopping, killer drinks, and great eats. Great place to stumble around for a couple hours.

Freemont Street
I probably didn’t need to tell you about this one, and although it is essentially just booze and gambling, I think that the overhead light show, street performers, and layout (much less walking) make it much more enjoyable than trekking up and down the main strip.

Arts District
This is the hip up-and-coming area of Vegas right now, and is a great place to stumble around enjoying the galleries and street art. Be sure to checkout Hop Nuts Brewing while you’re in the area.