The Gold Spike
Just off of Freemont street, this place has a massive outdoor area that has been crafted to make you feel like your at a backyard house party. Their is garbage-can beer pong, games, live music, and all sorts of other stuff… if you’re a 20 something who isn’t into gambling or strip clubs, this is the place to party.

Downtown Cocktail Room
Located just off Freemont Street, this is where the locals go for for expertly crafted high end cocktails.

The Common Wealth
This bar is pretty standard, and not really that exciting… The real story is the “speak easy” style bar hidden behind a sliding wall next to the bathrooms. You can only get in by texting the secret number (702 701 1466) and asking if there is any openings in the “Laundry Room.”

Las Vegas Distillery
Awesome people, making awesome booze, with daily tours and tastings. Inconveniently located in Henderson (20mins from the strip), but conveniently located in a rocks throw from a few breweries.


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