Food & Drinks

Harry Potter Coffee Shop
From the menu to the decor, Bad Owl Coffee will be a favorite of anyone who appreciates the boy who lived.

A delicious fusion of a farm stand and a food festival, picking your own fruits and veggies at Gilcrease Orchards is a great way to spend a beautiful day in LV.

Farmer’s Market
Live music, great food, and happy people… everything you could ever want, Downtown 3rd Farmer’s Market offers!

Best Ice Cream on Earth
It’s located in an unassuming strip mall, none talks about it, and the window chalk is confusing, but I don’t care…. La Neveria is some of the best ‘cream I’ve ever had.

All-You-Can-Eat Sushi
Looking to stuff your face? Forget the overpriced buffets (Jk… I love Vegas buffets), and go for Gorilla Sushi. For around 20$ you get as much sushi as you want, and they don’t limit you to rice filled rolls! …seriously I’ve never found an AYCE sushi place that is so generous with their portions of fish. Love it.

Dinner in the Sky
This one is exactly what it sounds like… a company that uses a crane to hoist you (and the dinner table) into the sky, before being served a 5 star meal.

Dinner Perfection
A high-end Japanese restaurant–with price tags to match– Raku is one of the best dinner’s I’ve ever had… I don’t know what else to say.

Mexican Eats
Don’t let the fact that they are connected to a strip joint fool you… El Dorado Cantina is the real deal. Flavorful sauces, tons of tequila, but best of all? …The toasted crickets.

Frozen Dessert Perfection
In a heroic feat of ingredient fusion, the geniuses at Snowflake Shavery set out to combine the textural awesomeness of shaved ice with the rich deliciousness of ice cream.


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