Lake Mead
Located just outside of Vegas, this lake hosts a wide variety of the usual water activities, and is a great way to escape the dessert heat (I recommend kayaking).

Shooting Guns
 I recommend Pro Gun Club, a half hour south of the strip. They let you drive around in golf carts to the different “holes” where you get to shoot automated clay pigeons out of the air. Or you can go to Battlefield and crush a car in a tank… up to you!

Shoot Zombies
Located just off the strip the Zombie Apocalypse Store sells all the tools necessary to be a survivor… better yet, you can put your skills to the test, running around a mock village and shooting “real” zombies with paintball guns.

Red Rocks Canyon National park
Hiking, rock climbing, rock throwing…that kinda stuff. Don’t go in the summer, you will literally melt.

Believe it or not, roughly an hour from the strip is a full ski resort!

Essentially it’s rock climbing, except it’s indoors, and you don’t need ropes. Good fun for all ages, and this facility is one of the best I’ve ever been to.

Hot Air Ballooning
Weather your celebrating a special occasion, trying to impress the opposite sex, or just looking for an adventure… spending the morning cruising above Las Vegas with Kevin is scenic perfection.

Escape Room
Basically, you and a group of strangers get “locked” in a room, and have to find clues and solve problems to get out before time expires. It’s a ton of fun, and there are a few different options in Vegas… let me Google it for you.

At Dig This Las Vegas, you get to drive and operate real construction equipment, an activity that is brought to life by the games that have you play against each other… like tire stacking and racing.

Go Karting
Alright… so this may not sound that unique, but I swear the high speed indoor facility at Pole Position Raceway brings things to the next level.

Indoor Sky Diving
Sorta like outdoor sky diving, except you don’t have to jump out of a plane. Check it.



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